The Circle Collection is here!

Early in 2020, I was invited to join a group of artists working in their studios and talking on Zoom twice a week. This group turned out to be some of the most dynamic, creative, and inspiring artists I have ever worked with. We encouraged each other to move forward in our art practices throughout the year, and it wasn’t long before the idea of collaborating on a larger project became a reality.

After several months of work and collaboration, thirteen artists from our Art Night Gallery group are releasing a collection of original artworks in the shape of a circle.  We chose the circle to embody the balance and support our all-female artist group have given to each other during this last year around the sun. These works celebrate the new year, new beginnings, and the bond we continue to build in 2021. 

Each original artwork is a maximum of 12 inches in diameter and priced at $300 or less. The mediums and concepts of each work are as diversely beautiful as each member of our group. Our virtual gallery includes links to purchase work directly from each artist, browse their websites, and contact them directly.

The pieces I contributed to the Circle Collection are part of my new body of work, titled Strata. They are collages made of watercolor paintings; washes and brushstrokes interrupted by cut lines, new layers built from old forms. Like all my work, these collages are made in response to sensory experiences in the landscape. Layers of atmosphere and experience exist before we enter an environment, and we bring our own layers with us. In these works, the dynamic interaction of previously unrelated marks creates a new painted environment. My goal is to find a combination of elements that evoke familiarity, safety, and belonging.

Go to Art Night Gallery to see all the work!

Participating artists:

Shannon Astolfi @shannonastolfi

Tara Centybear @centybearstudios

Piper Deggan @piperdeggan⁠⠀

Sarah Detweiler @sd_artifacts

Amy J. Dyck @amyjdyckartist

Kirsten Francis @kirstenfrancis_art

Bushra Gill @bushradraws

Michelle Maclise @cleverlygoods

Carmen Mardonez @desbordado

Sarah Plamondon @sarahp_studio

Amy Stewart @amystewartart

Dani Vinokurov @danivinokurov

Ash Woodworth @ashwoodworth